Active IT Support

Active IT SupportDo these issues sound familiar to your business?

Network neglected?  Is yours perceived as a necessary evil and not integral to improving the performance of your business?

Downtime impact?  Are I.T. outages distracting your staff from their core focus or prohibiting them from working as efficiently as possible

Distracted Employees?  Do your staff rely on their non-IT employees to deal with distracting I.T. problems?

An increasing number of business processes heavily rely on an efficient and effective I.T. network to perform. Business critical tasks such as sales processing, billing and invoicing are examples of processes that are completely reliant on a healthy I.T. network. Failure in these business critical services to perform can lead to a dramatic reduction in employee productivity and in some cases business revenues can be compromised.

With these increased demands on your I.T. network, we completely understand that setting up, managing and supporting an effective IT network can be a challenge and a drain on internal resources.

Through our Active I.T. Support we take complete ownership for maintaining a healthy; productive I.T. network, removing any risk from your business. We completely align ourselves with your business operations and future aspirations to create a completely unique Active I.T. Support solution.

At its core, Active IT Support is focused around preventing technology issues before they occur. Preventative support allows any issues to be detected and averted before they impact both your customers and employees. Through regular preventative maintenance and management activities across all business critical devices, I.T. downtime is dramatically reduced, if not eradicated completely.  We allow our customers to focus on their core business functions by taking out the worry of owning a computer network.

Features of our tailored Active I.T. support include:

  • Initial network health assessment
  • Enhanced remote network monitoring and management:

Active I.T. Support focuses on availability; performance and predictive failure monitoring across all covered network devices. This can include monitoring servers and devices such as system up/down, disk capacity, CPU/ memory utilization and network device configuration – alerting you to performance issues, bottlenecks and incidents.  Our I.T. Technicians have access to a live dashboard at all times which details how well your IT systems are performing enabling them to identify and resolve issues any before they become disruptive to the day to day operations of your business, or in the vast majority of cases are even noticed at all.

  • Enhanced security monitoring:

Performance monitoring and availability of all firewalls and anti-virus applications and enhanced monitoring and management of existing onsite back up applications and all security patches.

  • Scheduled and structured remote preventative maintenance:

Automated management tasks and some manual maintenance tasks performance by our advanced I.T. technicians.

  • Network health reviews:

We provide you with monthly health and performance reports, offering our expert advice and guidance on the maintenance of on an effective network strategy.

  • Price or rate discounts:

As an Active I.T. Support customer, you will take advantage of our heavily discounted hourly labour rates.

  • Support: You will be given priority service response over non-contracted and Responsive I.T. Support customers by our team of dedicated I.T. technicians and access to an online portal to log and track calls.

There are a variety of other options that we can add depending on the unique requirements of your business, including:

  • Advanced security
  • Disaster recover
  • Hosting Services
  • Advanced desktop and 
  • VoIP monitoring and management 

Contact us today to understand how Tandem Systems Active I.T. Support can benefit your business.