Case Study – The Business Exchange

The BusinessBusinessExchangeCS

The Business Exchange provides flexible serviced office space for businesses in the Kettering Borough.  The Centre out of which The Business Exchange operates was the subject of regeneration funding that was focussed on creating office space to support local small businesses, startup business and employment.
Tandem Systems has provided the excellent business IT support for over 10-years and when The Business Exchange were considering enhancing internet services provided to clients, using the serviced office space, they entrusted Tandem Systems to provide recommendations.

The Challenge

Existing connections provided tenants with access to the internet, but the connections were ageing.  Without making changes to the existing setup, tenants were likely to experience problems with available bandwidth, limited connection services and increasing risk from malware attacks. Increasing network traffic would ultimately present a terminal problem without update, modifications or intervention.

The Result

The Business Exchange was connected to the internet using high-speed ADSL technology with ISDN providing back-up as recommended by Tandem Systems.

The dated IT network infrastructure was replaced with Cisco secure router and managed switch providing a new range of services: 

  • Separate, secure virtual Local Area Networks
    Each tenant now has their own sub-network with complete control over network traffic
  • Sub-networks with guaranteed fair share Internet bandwidth
    Tenants with multiple offices have secure connections across the network
  • Remote Access facilities
    Each sub-network has access to public IP addresses enabled, allowing for VPN connections to and from remote offices
  • Load-balancing across multiple Internet connections
    The router is capable of handling multiple Internet connections to provide additional bandwidth and redundancy.

The Business Exchange is ultimately able to offer an enhanced service to tenants with assurance and quality of service.  The return on investing in advancing technologies also resulted in increased business profitability with the introduction of new revenue streams not previously offered.